Task Description of Research Committee:

1- Evaluation of registry facilities for updates and to get web-based

2- Inform university research projects that require group participation to gather information

3- Establishing international research collaborations:

   a) IPN-Registry

   b) ISN

4- Preparation of a memorandum of understanding for participation in group research:

   a) Emphasize observing the code of ethics

   b) Authorship

   c) Copy Write

5- Informing international projects that require international participation

6- Hold regular or media meetings (WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email) between committee members to advance goals

7- Prepare a report on the activities carried out every six months and submit them to the group and the board of directors

8- Investigating the current state of nephrology (number of colleagues, assigned tasks, expectations, and determining opportunities and limitations)

9- Participation in the preparation of evidence-based guidelines for Iran