Task Description of Provincial Affairs and Communications Committee:

Main Goal:

Involvement of nephrologists and patients with chronic renal failure, Dialysis and Transplant patients, companies,
Governmental and non-governmental organizations, NGOs, Islamic Consultative Assembly Health Commission,
Kidney Patient Support Association, Insurers in the implementation of proposed programs in order to minimize the risk of chronic kidney failure and
creating a healthier life for all people with or without kidney-threatening health factors and implement association programs

1- Introducing a nephrologist in each province on behalf of the nephrology community of that province to IrSN
n order to communicate with the nephrology community of that province

Communication with the Health and Medical Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

3- Communication with the radio and television in order to produce educational programs for the people

4- Communication with artists in order to inform the community in the form of short films, poetry, songs, theater, etc.

5- Use public donations and get them involved in running ongoing programs

6- Use the Comments of Kidney Patients, Dialysis, Transplantation, Kidney Donors, Family and Friends Primary Kidney Patients and Kidney Donors

7- Introducing employed nurses who are actively involved in education and care in Dialysis, Transplant, and Nephrology units

8- Attract the participation of manufacturing, drug importer, and nephrological equipment companies