Ward President: Dr Shahrzad Ossareh

Ward Academic Members: Dr Fereshteh Saddadi, Dr Hooshang Sanadgol, Dr Yousef Ataeipour, Dr Bahareh Marghoub, Dr Tahereh Malakoutian


Ward Introduction:

This hospital is single specialty center focused mainly on nephrology and urology activities. Consultants from other fields are also invited when needed. The hospital has 50 nephrology beds in two separate wards for men (Dr. Rasouli) and women (Shafa), 15 kidney transplant beds, 39 dialysis machine (33 in dialysis ward, 4 in Dr. Rasouli ward, 1 in transplant ward and one in the ICU. The emergency ward has 6 bed and accepts emergency nephrology and urology patients. In the dialysis ward, 200 chronic dialysis patients are dialyzed in 3 shifts and emergency patients in the fourth shift.

Dr. Rasouli's ward has a procedure room equipped with a microscope and an ultrasound machine, and kidney biopsy is performed under an ultrasound guide with a preliminary examination of the adequacy of the sample. Bone marrow biopsy and other necessary procedures for both men and women are also done in this room..

The hospital is has 6 vascular surgeons who insert temporary and permanent central venous catheters, arteriovenous fistulas and chronic peritoneal catheters.

The urology ward gives service to  adult and pediatric urology patients, and has fellowships in endourology, oncourology, kidney transplant, pediatric nephrology and a variety of urologic surgeries and outpatient services such as ESWL are delivered activley.

Hospital pathology department has 2 nephropathologists and in addition to reporting kidney pathology with light and immunofluorescence microscopes and teaching pathology residents and nephrolopathology fellows, is also very active in reporting specific urogenital , kidney , bone marrow and gastrointestinal slides. Also, specialized and sub-specialized tests in nephrology, urology and kidney transplantation and other fields are performed in the hospital laboratory.

The radiology department of the hospital is very active in terms of practice and education of radiology resident. In addition to various radiologic graphies, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds, a variety of procedures are performed under ultrasound and CT scan guide. 


Ward Educational Programs:

The nephrology clinic of the hospital is active every day in the morning shifts (educational) and evening shifts (fulltime doctors).

Three times a week, nephrology morning report is held from 8 AM to 9 AM . On Sundays during these hours, conference and journal clubs are delivered by nephrology residents, and on Tuesdays, clinic-pathological grand round (with introduction and review of pathology slides of the patients biopsied in the recent month), clinicopathologic conferences, introduction of interesting patients, or journal club is held.

The nephrology grand round is held on Sundays from 12 noon to 1 pm and training classes for nephrology residents are held 2 days a week by professors at the same time.

The Journal club of the nephrology fellows as well as the text review classes are held separately at noon by different professors. 


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