Task Description of Educational Committee:

General Purpose: Promoting nephrology knowledge in different groups

Intermediate Purpose: Promoting nephrology knowledge in subspecialty groups of nephrology, internal medicine, general medicine, nursing and community

Educational Approach:

*Holding monthly seminars in the form of a CME program in Tehran and other cities
*Holding an international congress on nephrology every two years
*Holding national seminars in the field of nephrology
*Holding workshops such as Kidney Pathology, Transplant Immunology, Dialysis, and Ultrasound
*Collaborate by introducing a speaker and in a planned manner with other specialties in holding relevant seminars
*World Kidney Day for public education
*Collaboration in dialysis and transplant nursing seminars
*Preparation of pamphlets and educational books
*Planning for virtual learning
*Communicate with the world's leading professors to improve nephrology education
*Cooperation to promote nephrology knowledge in the region